Expedition Wolf was born out of passion for dog sleds and huskies. It came about in the mid nineties just as the Mont Tremblant resort was expanding. It’s founder, Abitibian Gaëtan Lambert has owned sled dogs for over forty years.

Originally the pack consisted of roughly twenty huskies and a couple of guides. Today, the family counts 100 huskies half of which were born within Expedition Wolf, the others being abandoned dogs which we have retrieved.


As members of Adventure Ecotourism Quebec and in strict compliance with MAPAQ and SPCA norms, Expedition Wolf aims to be a beacon in the dog sled world.

Our goal is to offer a safe ans enjoyable dog sled hike for the entire family


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Our dog pack consists of 100 huskies half of which were born within Expedition Wolf, the others being abandoned dogs which we have retrieved.

90% of our females and 30% of our males are sterilized to control birth rate.

Our dogs are vermifuged, vaccinated and cared for by a team of veterinarians from Mont-Tremblant.


Retired dogs are kept well after their active duty days. They are excellent at training juniors on short distances. They are kept in heated dog houses during the winter season.



Many dogs we have are now retired. We keep them all. Many of them are rescue digs and have lived in houses in the past.

So many of them could be adopted and have a well-deserved retirement.



Many are adventure tourism graduates from CEGEP St-Laurent. Others are dog specialists, some with up to 20 years experience with dog sleds. Heading this team is Gaëtan Lambert, owner of sled dogs for more than 40 years and Sophie Gaulin, a certified accountant by trade and a musher guide for 22 years. Emmanuel Lambert, owner and who takes care of all office tasks for 20 years.

Newcomers join our team each year and gain experience of their own. We also welcome interns from CEGEP St-Laurent, France and adult schools each winter.

Our affiliation to Ecotourism Adventure Quebec guarantees the level of professionalism of both our trekking management skills and that of our team.



Here are the inspector’s comments:

“Expedition Wolf,  a very professional firm in it’s know-how and attitude.

A team of guides dedicated to their visitors in their reception as well as their activity supervision.

The guide to client ratio exceeds the minimum requirements. A pack of well behaved and trained dogs in top physical condition makes for a secure and enjoyable experience. A motivated team of responsible professionals for a top quality activity…”



Founder Expedition Wolf




Customer Instructions

Equipment to bring for the tour

     Indoor mask
     Winter clothes, activity about 2 hours outdoors
     Protective helmet (ski)
     Hot pad for feet and hands
     Ski goggles
     Face cover or balaclava
     Blanket for the person sitting in the sled
     Mittens are better than gloves

We have helmets and blankets on site that are disinfected, but in times of covid you can bring your own


Procedures put in place by Expedition Wolf for covid

Hygiene measures
The face cover is mandatory in our reception.

We take pride in providing you with a safe environment. The hygiene, cleaning and disinfection measures comply with the ones recommended by the National institute of Public Health .We have designed our spaces to promote respect for distancing, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our facilities and we make sure that our customers respect basic hygiene measures and respiratory lebel.

Complements not available this year
This year there will be no photos taken by a photographer. You will be able to take your own photos.
In addition, after the tour, there will be no soup served at reception.

Follow-up of instructions
We make sure that the measures put in place are respected. If you find that some people do not respect them, you can report it to our staff. We have received specific instructions to follow in the event of a complaint or denunciation. It is therefore possible for us to intervene quickly

Il you have symotoms of covid
If you experience any symptom of COVID-19, please do not attend the activity. Contact us at 819-275-1601 to notify us.